Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of JRC. The Board is composed of an Executive Committee and a General Board. It’s members meet monthly to discuss broad issues of budget and finance, personnel, member services, and education and social action within the context of Jewish values. The Board is elected every May by the congregation.

Monthly meetings are open to all congregants wishing to attend by contacting the president in advance.

JRC Board of Directors for 2015-2016

Robin Trilling
Email: [email protected]
President Elect
Sandy Spatz
Vice Presidents    
Administration Julia Talbot
Financial Development Joel Gratch  
Education Elliot Frolichstein-Appel  
Tikkun Olam Laurie Goldstein   
Ritual Practices Marla Baker  
Strategic Development Linda Mathias Kaskel
Membership Hannah Shearn  
Treasurer Jonathan Markowitz  
Secretary Barbara Pinzur
Members-at-Large Jonathan Goldman Robert Lange
  Todd Hasak-Lowy
Diane Pezanoski
  Rich Katz Sheri Young
Youth Member Ilana Baker


Pursuant to changes in JRC's bylaws adopted at the March 22, 2015 special congregational meeting, the size of JRC's board of directors was reduced from 25 to 18 members, effective July 1, 2015.

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