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JRC's weekly emails share up-to-date information about events and programs. They also include the birthday/anniversary list, the Refuah Sheleymah list, and the weekly Yahrzeits.

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For JRC members who do not have email or internet access, please contact our office and we will print a copy to be picked up or mailed.

Past Monthly E-Newsletters


February 2018/Shevat 5778

January 2018/Tevet 5778


December 2017/Kislev 5778

November 2017/Heshvan 5778

October 2017/Tishri 5778

September 2017/Elul 5778

August 2017/Av 5777

July 2017/Tammuz 5777

June 2017/Sivan 5777

May 2017/Iyyar 5777

April 2017/Nisan 5777

March 2017/Adar 5777

February 2017/Sh'vat 5777

January 2017/Tevet 5777


December 2016/Kislev 5777

November 2016/Heshvan 5777

October 2016/Tishri 5777

Before 2016 

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