Monthly E-Newsletter

Monthly E-Newsletter
New in 5777, JRC has created a monthly E-Newsletter. This Newsletter is meant to give a bird's eye view of all events, classes, celebrations and holidays every month. Special sections include updates on Tikkun Olam opportunities, the Kvell Korner where JRC members celebrate the accomplishments of friends and family, Descriptions of Adult Ed classes and Buy-in Parties, and acknowledgment of donations. Dates are subject to change. Please visit our web calendar for the most up-to-date information. 

April 2017/ Nisan 5777

March 2017/ Adar 5777

February 2017/ Sh'vat 5777

January 2017/Tevet 5777

December 2016/Kislev 5777

November 2016/Cheshvan 5777

October 2016/Tishri 5777

Weekly Announcements 
​JRC's weekly emails share up-to-date information about events and programs. They also include the birthday/anniversary list, the Refuah Shlema list, and the weekly Yahrzeits. 

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