B'nai Mitzvah

Receiving a Bat Mitzvah BlessingA Rite of Passage

The essence of the b'nai mitzvah experience is sacred responsibility. As children begin this passage into Jewish adulthood, they officially accept responsibility for the mitzvot, or Jewish commandments. At JRC we are responsible for making sure that our newest adult members are welcomed with a sense of joy and seriousness, of deep meaning and holiness.

Meaningful for the Whole Family

It is our goal to ensure that the b'nai mitzvah process is a meaningful one and that the entire family is nourished by this sacred journey. In our Reconstructionist community, we feel strongly that each family participates actively in a ritual experience that is personally meaningful and grounded in our ancient tradition.

Count on Your Community

We know that there are many details for families to consider, and that sometimes the planning can be stressful. It is our hope that the preparation will be regarded as an integral part of this sacred rite of passage. And since a bar or bat mitzvah is nothing without a Jewish communal context, we want you to count on our community to help support you. We have prepared resoruces and FAQ's to help make the process go smoothly. 

bnai mitzvah resources

New to JRC? Think ahead! 

If you've been thinking about having a b'nai mitzvah for your child, now might be the time to enroll them in school. Our b'nai mitzvah dates are set in 5th grade, and we usually require students to attend 5th and 6th grade classes at JRC to be eligible for this ritual. Students start learning prayers and Hebrew for the ceremony as early as 3rd grade. 
If you're searching for the right Jewish learning experience for your kids, you and your family can try our school through the month of October—and it's only $54 per child.
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