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Peering Into the Decision Making Process..

08/05/2020 06:35:56 PM


Rabbi David's meaningful teaching encompasses the responsibility we feel as we make these important decisions on behalf of our JRC family.

The Hebrew word for Stamina is “S’viloot,” whose root, Samech/Vet/Lamed (SaVaL) means “to suffer, or to bear a burden.” Appropriate to our situation, I think!

A Mussar teacher I have studied, Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe teaches the following:

“And what is SaVLanut/patience (same root as stamina)? The root of the word connotes a person carrying a heavy load, but even though it is heavy they continue to carry it.”

We are all carrying a lot, these decisions are weighty, and, I have appreciated our Covid-19 Task Force group for the thoughtfulness we all continue to bring to these conversations and the decision-making process. “Glad” to be carrying all of these decisions together.

Tue, January 19 2021 6 Shevat 5781