Early Childhood Center


The JRC Early Childhood Center is a NAEYC accredited preschool program that provides a nurturing and stimulating environment to support children’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Judaic values and traditions are woven into daily activities of fun, experimentation, creative play, and discovery. Classroom activities are developed by early childhood professionals who are in tune with our children and their families, and who are responsive to their diverse needs and interests. 

At JRC, our classroom practice is based on strong relationships with our students and families.  Everything that happens in the classrooms springs from those relationships. We rely on our relationships with the larger JRC community to integrate traditions that promote kindness, giving, and justice. We rely on our relationships with each other as education professionals to create a compassionate, safe, respectful environment in which children can thrive and learn through what comes most naturally to them: play.

We believe that children learn through constructive play. Play in a stimulating, nurturing environment is the way a child explores the world. Through this exploration in our program—in activity centers, with art materials, songs, movement, playmates, teachers, parents, nature, and more—your children construct the knowledge to interpret new experiences, develop Jewish identity, and, with their families, build a foundation for lifelong learning.



If this is your first child or a sibling enrolling in a Jewish Preschool, you may qualify for a JUF tuition gift voucher from $500 - $2,000, depending on how many days your child attends. For more information go to: www.juf.org/rightstart



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