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The JRC Early Childhood Center provides a nurturing and stimulating environment to support children’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth. 

Everyone Is Welcome 

Classroom activities are developed by early childhood professionals who are in tune with our children and their families, and who are responsive to their diverse needs and interests. Our students and families come from all walks of life and diverse family structures. 

Based on Progressive Jewish Values

Judaic values and traditions are woven into daily activities of fun, experimentation, creative play, and discovery. Jewish holidays and festivals provide a framework for exploration throughout the year, integrating traditions that promote kindness, giving, and justice. Through this exploration in our program—in activity centers, with art materials, songs, movement, playmates, teachers, parents, nature, and more—your child can construct the knowledge to interpret new experiences, develop Jewish identity, and, with their families, build a foundation for lifelong learning.

jrc_early_childhood_center_2.jpgRelationship Based Program

At JRC, our classroom practice is based on strong relationships with our students and families. Parents and family members are integrated into their child's preschool experience. Teachers rely on relationships with each other as education professionals to create a compassionate, safe, respectful environment in which children can thrive. The relationship between the Early Childhood program and the JRC community is a vital one, and Early Childhood registration includes membership in the congregation. Students and families can build a relationship with the Rabbi, Cantor as well as other members of JRC. 

Reggio Emilia Inspired 

Children learn in an environment  that is designed to foster exploration, inquiries, and curiosity using an emergent curriculum based on ideas and inspiration from the schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  


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Schedule a tour of our Early Childhood Center to see if it's a good fit for your family! Email Early Childhood Director Claudia Rozenberg at [email protected] to get started. 

If this is your first child or a sibling enrolling in a Jewish Preschool, you may qualify for a JUF tuition gift voucher from $500 - $2,000, depending on how many days your child attends. For more information go to: www.juf.org/rightstart


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Our Religious School


The Religious School provides JRC children with the building blocks they need to engage throughout their lives in Jewish exploration, community and activism.

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JRC Early Childhood Center


Our enriching and diverse preschool program is based on progressive Jewish values, and focuses on the importance of relationships between students, teachers, and families.