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Propose a New Event at JRC


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Before Filling Out This Form...

If you have an idea for a program at JRC and want to get it on the calendar, this is the right place! But first...

1. Consider These Questions:

  • What is the relevance of the program? Why this at JRC? Why now?
  • Integration: how does it fit into the synagogue as a whole?
  • Who can I collaborate/cross program with at JRC?
  • What is JRC’s capacity to support this program?
  • What is the chance of success?

2. All programs need to be attached to a committee. 

Take your idea to the chair or VP of a committee you are on, or contact the JRC Office for some ideas of who to work with.View a list of all committees and their chairs>>

3. Here are some questions to discuss with the host committee. 

  • Is this a good time to conduct this program? 
  • Is there sufficient time to plan this activity? 
  • Are there other activities we/others in the congregation are involved in that might compete with our event in terms of resources, support, and attendance? 
  • Who should be the point person to coordinate this event with the office? 
  • Is there a fundraising component to this event? All fundraisers need to be cleared by the Board.
  • Are there outside speakers/partner organizations being invited? Have they been approved by the office/board/leadership? 
  • Does our committee have funds to pay for any supplies/speaker fees? 

Organizer Info

Program Content


Please Indicate if the day of the week is important to your program (i.e. must be a Thursday evening; could be any weeknight; no preference)
Provide the start and end times if known, or a range (2 hours) if unknown. 


This helps us determine what space/rooms might be a good fit for your program.
Check all that apply.
Note: Any fundraising must be approve by JRC's Board.

Anything else we should know?

Sat, October 24 2020 6 Cheshvan 5781