How to get things done at JRC: Frequently Asked Questions


I have an idea for a program. Who do I tell?

  1. First things first, ask yourself these five questions:
    • What is the relevance of the program? Why this at JRC? Why now?
    • Integration: how does it fit into the synagogue as a whole?
    • Who can I collaborate/cross program with at JRC?
    • What is JRC’s capacity to support this program?
    • What is the chance of success?
  2. All programs need to be attached to a committee. Take your idea to the chair or VP of a committee you are on, or contact the JRC Office for some ideas of who to work with. View a list of all committees and their chairs>>

I’m hosting a program. What steps should I take to make sure it is a success?

Once your program has been approved by your committee chair, the office, and added to the JRC calendar, follow these steps:

  • Write a short description (no more than 150 words) of what your program is about and what people can expect if they attend. Please indicate if there is a charge to participate.
  • Send Nina Litoff the description. If you have a photograph that describes your event or committee, please provide one! Please supply this information with plenty of notice so that it can be added to JRC internal communications. Please note that submissions may be edited for length and clarity.
  • Include any links to external materials (such as articles, reading selections or fliers) that you would like included in the event description on the website.
  • Specify how many people you expect will attend your event.
  • Indicate how you will be collecting information or RSVPs from attendees.
  • Detail what you will need from the JRC office for your event. This includes: number of chairs, chair/table configurations, tables for check in/food, coffee, tea, water, easel, projector, screen, computer adaptor, sound system, microphone, extra power cords, etc.
  • Let the JRC office know what you will be providing (food, craft supplies, books etc.)

We are planning a great program, how do we get information into the Weekly Announcements?

Events hosted at or sponsored by JRC can be added to the Weekly Announcements. The Weekly Announcements feature events approximately two weeks in advance or less, and are sent out on Wednesdays. Items should be submitted no later than end of the day on Mondays. Please remember to provide Nina Litoff with the description and information for your event.  

How do I schedule a meeting at JRC?

A variety of factors need to be considered before we schedule an event, including the number of activities on the schedule, available space and demands on the staff. It’s a good idea to have a backup date in mind just in case. Then contact Nina Litoff in the office so she can consult the calendar and see if space is avaliable. 

How can I get something posted on JRC’s website?

Contact our Communications and Program Coordinator, Nina Litoff to make a request for an update to the website. Postings on our website are in keeping with the JRC External Communications Policy>> 

The information about my committee on the website is outdated, how can I get it updated?

Contact our Communications and Program Coordinator, Nina Litoff to make updates on our website. Please provide a short description of your committee and provide an image if you have one.

Who do I call to get my committee/task force meeting on our website calendar?

Contact our Communications and Program Coordinator, Nina Litoff for all scheduling needs and room requests.  Please note that our building is closed on Monday nights and on Sundays during the summer months. Programs are typically not scheduled on Shabbat (Saturdays) except under special circumstances.

Why can’t we meet at JRC on Monday nights?

To accommodate staff schedules and custodial staffing needs JRC is closed on Monday evening after 5:00pm.

Are there any funds budgeted for our committee’s/task force’s work?

You can contact the Vice-President assigned to your committee or Executive Director Sharon Diaz to find out if your committee has funding through the JRC operating budget.

We want funding for our committee/task force in the budget, how can we do that?

Our budget process for the fiscal year starts in the fall when the committees identify their goals and the financial needs to accomplish those goals. In January the budget committee begins to compile budget recommendations and in February a preliminary budget is prepared for the coming year. Revisions are made with the input of the Vice-Presidents. Ideally a final budget is adopted by the Board of Directors by the April board meeting. The budget, or fiscal year is July-June. You may contact the Vice-President assigned to your committee if you have budgetary needs.

My committee/task force wants to have a fundraiser.

All fundraisers require board approval. The Development Committee is charged with maintaining a fundraising calendar for the year. Contact the Vice-President of Development about having your fundraiser approved. Once your fundraiser is approved by the board, contact Nina Litoff to find a suitable date for the event.

I need to purchase something for my committee/task force. Do I have to pay tax?

As a 501 (c) (3) organization, JRC is tax exempt. If you are making approved purchases for JRC, you can get a copy of our tax exemption letter from the office. Please note that Costco only exempts tax for their tax exempt members. Since we do not have an account with Costco you will have to pay tax for Costco purchases.

How can I get reimbursed for a purchase?

Be sure to save your receipts. If your purchase is a budgeted expense and has been approved by your Committee Chair/Vice President, you can send your receipts to the office, attention Sharon Diaz. Please allow about two weeks for processing.

How can we find people who would be interested in the work of our committee/task force?

A combination of getting the word out about the good work that your committee/task force does and just plain asking people is the best way to increase your members. Here are some ideas:

  • Be sure to let the JRC office know at least 3 weeks prior to when your committee/task force meets. The JRC office staff can post it on the JRC web calendar and in the announcements.
  • Think of what you want your committee/task force members to do: Plan events? Make phone calls? Design a poster? Write an article? Then the office can put something in the announcements seeking interested volunteers.
  • Write something for the monthly newsletter about your committee/task force to generate interest.
  • Call people and invite them to join you. Not sure who to call? The office can help give you some ideas. 

We need to send out a mailing. Can the office do it for us?

Committee mailings are typically done by volunteers. JRC will only pay postage costs for mailings of official JRC business. Please note that the costs associated with printing and mailing are absorbed by your committee. Make sure that there are funds available to you for that purpose.

Who you gonna call?

Sharon Diaz, Executive Director: contact Sharon if you have a question about membership, the budget, or finances for your committee, if you expect to enter into a legal agreement with another organization or vendor, if you want to include sales (i.e. tickets or books) at your event, or if you can’t find an answer to your question in this list. You can reach Sharon via email: [email protected] or phone: 847-328-7678, ext. 2224.

Nina Litoff, Communications and Program Coordinator: contact Nina for all communications related questions and when you want to plan an event at JRC. You can reach Nina via email: [email protected] or phone: 847-328-7678, ext. 2229.

Rabbi David Eber, Assistant Rabbi for Education: contact Rabbi David if you are looking for information on our Religious School, Youth Group or High School programs. You can reach Rabbi David via email: [email protected] or phone: 847-328-7678, ext. 2225.

Claudia Rozenberg, Early Childhood Director: contact Claudia if you are looking for information about our Early Childhood Center. You can reach Claudia via email: [email protected] or phone: 847-328-7678, ext. 2227.

Megan Baldeshwiler, Bookkeeper: contact Megan with questions about your payments or statements. You can reach Megan via email: [email protected] or phone: 847-328-7678, ext. 2235.

Last revised: October 18, 2018



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