JRC in Bloom

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday, April 29, 2017 to celebrate JRC and help us grow together as a community.

Every year, JRC throws a fabulous party for members to enjoy together with delicious food and fine wines, entertainment and a live auction. The purpose of the night is twofold: to have a great time together, and also to raise important funds to support our congregation.

Why the JRC IN BLOOM gala matters
Whenever we gather at JRC as a community, our ties become stronger. And our fundraising goal of $75,000 for this event was integral to our ability to provide the quality programs and services that we value as JRC members. We are so greatful to everyone for the generosity; we were able to exceed our goal this year. 

At JRC in Bloom we screened a lovely video about families at JRC who have multiple generations of adult members. 

If you want to know how fun the gala was, look no further than the Fotio photobooth pictures! If you took pictures at the gala, you can download them from the Fotio website. Use the code "0303" 

You can still get in on the fun with Buy-in Parties! Buy-in Parties are activities hosted by JRC members with all ticket costs going to benefit the congregation. Space at each party is limited so sign up today! See the full list of parties here.

Many thanks to our "Master Gardeners" for underwriting JRC IN BLOOM: Nancy Cunniff & Alan Zunamon * Jean-Pierre Deheeger & Jil Levin Deheeger * Deborah & Joseph Eppstein * Alan & Sallie Gratch * Freddi Greenberg & Dan Pinkert * Barbara & Jerry Israelite * David Kleiman * Fay & Dan Levin * Melvin & Sherry Lopata * Jonathan Markowitz & Ruth Wenger * Margie Morrison Zivin & Mark Zivin * Bonnie & Michael Nolan * Lisa Pildes & Michael Sehr * Barbara & David Pinzur * Edwin Smolevitz & Rhonda Stein

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