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JRC Press Task Force


Lost and Found: Embracing the Whole of Life

From birth on, we lose and gain—often simultaneously:
“I’ve lost my way; but made three new friends who offered directions.”
“I lost 20 pounds; I’ve gained a whole new wardrobe.”

The essays and poems of seventy-one of our members sparkle and shine in this collection of personal essays about the gains and losses of life.  

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Author Television Interview 

Book contributors Darlene Grossman and Marie Davidson were featured on Glenview TV's Off the Shelf, a show highlighting the works of local authors. They discuss the origins and creations of Lost and Found.

JRC Press Editors

Marla Baker
Rich Katz
Susan Cherry
Carol Kanter
Mel Furman
Adrienne Lieberman

Past Publications 

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Is God a Cubs Fan?

JRC member Arnie Kanter waxes philosophical about the Chicago Cubs in this compilation of his annual open mic Yom Kippur talks. Illustrations by member Darlene Grossman, with introduction by Sam Eifling.



Pirkei Imahot: A Celebration of Our Mothers

A collection of members' stories, poems and photos of the mothers and mother-figures in their lives.



From Oy to Joy: Our Holidays Across the Years

A collection of members' stories, poems and photos of holidays (and holiday mishaps).



From There to Here: Points on the Circle of Life

A collection of members' stories, poems and photos of their passages and transitions.


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