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Legacy Giving

Ensure JRC's Future with a Legacy Gift

Judaism is a treasure to be enjoyed and perpetuated.  At JRC we continually search for ways to enhance the experience to each person who seeks it. I want this to go on. Therefore I have made a bequest in my will for JRC to receive a cash payment on my death. My intent is to help continue the community that is the Jewish Reconstructionist  Congregation for those who follow me with the hope that everyone can reap the rewards that I have experienced.

Shirley Gould z"l, beloved JRC Member

You can help JRC continue to thrive by including a charitable bequest in your will. A legacy contribution will enable JRC’s remarkable spiritual community to endure for future generations through your generosity.

Remembering JRC in your will isn’t difficult, and you don’t need to be wealthy - each legacy gift, no matter the size, makes a difference for the synagogue’s future.

To learn how easy it is to make a bequest to JRC, contact Executive Director Micky Baer at or 847-328-7678.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't I have to be rich to make a legacy gift?
Absolutely not. An estate is simply the value of everything you own. Most people have very respectable estates when they add everything together. And, remember, you can make a legacy gift of any size.

What can I leave to JRC besides cash?
You can make a gift of just about anything you own - cash, stocks, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, real estate, or personal property.

Do I need a will to make a legacy gift?
It depends on the type of gift you make. Some legacy gifts need to be part of your will to be valid. Please consult a professional advisor to ensure your wishes will be honored.

How much work is involved in making a legacy gift?
While much depends on the complexity of your estate, many types of legacy gifts can be set up quickly and easily with the help of a qualified advisor.

Is there an easy way I can leave a legacy gift to JRC in my will?
To leave a gift to JRC in your will, you may use the following language:
"I give the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation in Evanston, IL the sum of $___ (dollar amount), OR ___% (percentage) of the residue of my estate to be used at the discretion of its Board of Directors."

Wed, May 12 2021 1 Sivan 5781