Renew Your Membership

JRC's membership year ends on June 30, which means that all renewals must be completed by July 1, 2016 to ensure a seamless transition. In order to simplify the renewal process, we've made a change for 2016-17:

  • In the renewal packet mailed to current members in late May, Religious School tuition and youth group fees (if applicable) have already been included, and Religious School deposits have already been deducted. As a continuation from last year, members will find Building Fund and B'nai Mitzvah fees already included on the form.

Download the Membership Renewal form
We're continuing our practice of offering a membership fee range rather than a fixed amount for each membership category. If you are able, please make a commitment above the minimum amount for your household. Please also consider joining our Circle of Chai by making a donation above and beyond your membership commitment. Your generosity helps JRC maintain our religious, educational and social action activities, as well as continuing our longstanding practice of welcoming all members with due regard for ability to pay.

If you have children, please complete your Religious School or Early Childhood Center registration.


QUESTIONS? Please contact Jill Persin at [email protected] or 847-328-7678. We look forward to another year together - and many more!

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