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JRC's Strategic Plan

2015 Update to the Strategic Plan (download and view)
After reviewing the results of our 2014 Mission-Vision-Values survey of JRC members, we've updated the Strategic Plan to guide us from 2015 through 2018.

About the Strategic Plan (download and view)
In 2011, the JRC Board of Directors initiated a process to create the congregation's first strategic plan since 2002. The plan completed a decade ago called for—among other things—a task force to assess the feasibility of creating a new building. Within a few years, JRC's green synagogue was under construction, thanks to contributions of time, talent, and funds from the entire congregation. In 2008, we moved in and began the work of revitalizing our programming and making the building our new home. Since the move, the congregation has grown by more than 60 families and has welcomed a new religious school director, membership and program coordinator, youth group advisor, and executive director.

At JRC we strive for Jewish experiences that blend tradition and creativity in ways that touch the heart and mind. We collectively spend thousands of hours with our community, engaging in a wide variety of spiritual practices and social action activities: participating in and planning events; serving on the board, committees, and task forces; praying; celebrating; singing; learning; teaching; caring; and more.

Working effectively to sustain, nurture, and build our community requires intentional action. We live in a complicated world, and with more than 500 engaged families we need a roadmap to guide us. This plan is intended to help us set priorities and create meaningful processes and governing structures. It will only be useful if we continually rely on it to guide us and set benchmarks, and if we refresh it to meet our changing needs.

Tue, April 20 2021 8 Iyyar 5781