6th Grade Family History Forms

Parents of 6th graders,

Here you will find the forms your child should have brought home in his/her folder for the 6th grade family history unit. But reality sets in, folders get lost, and thankfully there is a website at your fingertips 24/7 to save the day. If you have any questions about these materials, you can contact Adina or Robyn.

Family History Unit Deadlines:

Tues/Thurs Jan 17-19        Interviews Due

Sunday, Jan 29                  Intangible Heirlooms Due & Tangible Heirloom Record Sheet Due

Sunday, Feb 5                   Tangible Heirlooms Due

Sunday, Feb 26                  Our Family History Museum


Introduction Letter to Parents

Tips for Successful Interviewing

Family Interview Questions

Interview about Our Family's Oldest Known Ancestor

Tangible Heirloom Record

Intangible Heirloom Record




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