Our September through June classes run for 36 weeks with two vacation weeks in December and one week in the spring. Summer camp continues from June until August.

Program Details

Parent-Toddler Morning Program

Birth–2 years

This class provides time for toddlers and parent/caregiver to spend a relaxing morning together with other children and a nurturing teacher. Learn More about Parent-Toddler>>

Day: Fridays

Time: 9:30-11:00am


2 years old by September 

This class allows young children a safe and secure environment for their growing social-emotional, physical and cognitive development.  The teachers support children through classroom exploration with simple songs, play activities, process-art experiences, stories and puppets. Parent/caregiver and child attend together until children feel secure and comfortable in the classroom. We then begin a gradual and respectful separation process. Learn More about Shorashim>>

Day: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Time: 9:30-11:45am


3 years old by September

Jewish holidays become the framework for an immersion in a nurturing environment for experimentation with dramatic play props, art materials, music and movement. Learn More about Nitzanim>>

Day: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Time: 9:30am-Noon


4 years old by September

Children’s peer relationships and their relationship to the larger community are nurtured through projects, and  their growing experimentation with reading and writing are supported with diverse materials and children’s literature. Learn More about Eytzim>>

Day: Monday through Friday

Time: 9:15am-Noon

Additional Childcare 

Additional childcare is open to all enrolled preschoolers, Monday through Friday.

Early Bird 
8:00am till the beginning of class

Lunch Enrichment 

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