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Lost and Found: Embracing the Whole of Life

We at JRC are about to embark on a new book (our 4th) and invite you to join in by writing a piece on the theme Lost and Found: Embracing the Whole of Life.

From birth on, we lose and gain—often simultaneously: 
“I’ve lost my way; but made three new friends who offered directions.”
“I lost 20 pounds; I’ve gained a whole new wardrobe.”

Please consider a loss and/or a gain in your own life and write a story about it.
Make a point, but keep it under 800 words.

In case you need a prompt, here are a few:

  • finding or losing/regaining a job or love or wealth, and/or the hair on your head
  • health changes for good or ill
  • the one that got away
  • adoption/birth
  • sexual orientation
  • learning a new language or how to chant Torah
  • friendships lost and found
  • leaving home behind
  • that elusive dryer-eaten sock or frustrating singleton earring

Even better, come up with your own topic.

Email it to [email protected] in a Word-compatible document by November 15th. We’ll confirm your email and one of our editors will be in touch with you around 4 weeks later with questions and edits to help polish your piece for publication in time for Chanukah, 2018. So, in 14 short months, about the gestation of a camel, we should have lovely books for sale—all proceeds to JRC. Then we will party!!

Please contact one of us if you have any questions or would like to discuss a possible topic. In the meantime, we look forward to reading your work.

Your JRC Press Editors
Marla Baker
Rich Katz
Susan Cherry
Carol Kanter
Mel Furman
Adrienne Lieberman

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