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Lost and Found: Embracing the Whole of Life

From birth on, we lose and gain—often simultaneously: 
“I’ve lost my way; but made three new friends who offered directions.”
“I lost 20 pounds; I’ve gained a whole new wardrobe.”

The essays and poems of seventy-one of our members sparkle and shine in this collection of personal essays about the gains and losses of life.  

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We're toasting the launch of our newest publication!

Book Launch Party

Please join us as we celebrate this achievement (with food and drink and music) at our book launch on Saturday, November 3 at JRC, from 7:00-9:00 PM. Books will be available for sale at the party for $10 per book and $12 after that. 

Hanukkah is coming up fast—the book makes a great gift! Books are available right now. Drop by the JRC office during the week or buy them online. We are happy to ship them anywhere in the continental U.S. Look for an invitation to the party in your email inbox very soon. We hope to see you there!

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