Renew Your Membership

When should I renew my membership?

Each year we ask that you reaffirm your commitment to the community be renewing your membership by June 30th. 

Membership renewal can all be done online!

  • Log in: Simply log in with your email (the one you gave JRC has as your contact information) and password
  • What's my password? If you don't remember your password, or you haven't set one up yet, please select "forgot my password" and enter your email address. A link to setup a password will be emailed to you. 

Renew Your Membership

Dues range and tzedakah

We're continuing our practice of offering a dues range rather than a fixed amount for each membership category. If you are able, please make a commitment above the minimum amount for your household. Please also consider joining our Circle of Chai by making a donation above and beyond your membership commitment. Your generosity helps JRC maintain our religious, educational and social action activities, as well as continuing our longstanding practice of welcoming all members with due regard for ability to pay.

Expenses will be added automatically

If you have any charges or payments on your account, they will automatically be included on your form.

  • Maintenance Fund
  • Religious School tuition
  • Youth Group fees
  • B'nai Mitzvah
  • Annual commitments for a pledge to the Campaign for JRC's Future 

Choose your own payment plan

With our online system, you can choose when you want to make payments. Monthly, quarterly, weekly, all at once...whatever fits your lifestyle. You can set up these automatic payments to be made through a credit card or by e-check, all online. 

Prefer to use pen and ink?
Download a Blank Membership Form

If You Have Children...

First, renew your membership, then complete your Religious School or Early Childhood Center registration.

Early Childhood Center Registration   Religious School Registration

Did you know that all of our Early Childhood families are members of the congregation?

We are proud to include Early Childhood families in our intergenerational community, and we hope that your family will forge relationships to take you through the next stages in all of your lives. We hope you will continue to be a member when your children graduate from the Early Childhood Center. 

Financial pledges are an individual choice, and your contributions support not just the Early Childhood Center, but also important progressive programming and social justice initiatives. By supporting the congregation, we hope you will feel a sense of belonging in a vibrant, active community.

What Does it Mean to be a Member of JRC?

  • You belong to a community that embraces diversity, mutual support, heartfelt communication, and the incorporation of Jewish values and traditions in everyday modern life.
  • You’ll have access to JRC’s clergy for life cycle events for you and your immediate family.
  • You’ll be invited to festive social occasions, like Shabbat potlucks, meet & greets, and our annual gala.
  • You can engage with fellow members not just when you're at JRC, but also in our private members-only Facebook group.
  • You’ll have access to our membership directory, as well as be able to make tuition payments and donations in our secure online system.
  • You’ll receive High Holiday tickets for the adults in your household (children don’t need tickets) and significant discounts on extra tickets for close relatives (like parents).
  • You are eligible (and enthusiastically encouraged) to join the committees and task forces at JRC that reflect your interests. You’re also eligible for election to our Board of Directors and have voting rights.

Not a member yet? 

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Please contact us at [email protected] or 847-328-7678. We look forward to another year together - and many more!

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Our Religious School

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The Religious School provides JRC children with the building blocks they need to engage throughout their lives in Jewish exploration, community and activism.

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JRC Early Childhood Center

Child With Chalk

Our enriching and diverse preschool program is based on progressive Jewish values, is open to families of all religious backgrounds, and focuses on the importance of relationships between students, teachers, and families. 

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