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Building your Family’s Diverse Library: A Diverse and Inclusive Book Fair

Building your Family’s Diverse Library
A Diverse and Inclusive Book Fair 


Join rabbis, teachers and authors to hear stories and buy books for your home and our classrooms that reflect the real diversity of today’s Jewish world. Talk about how to be an ally by reading books about experiences that are different than your family’s, and find books that feature families just like yours.

Tablecloth Tanach - Latkes

The JRC Religious School Committee invites ALL interested JRC members to help make latkes for our Religious School kids and teachers on Sunday, December 18th.

Volunteers will meet in the JRC kitchen at 9:00am to grate, process and fry potato pancakes and serve them (with sour cream, jam and apple sauce, of course!) to both early and late session. 

Minyan Babysitting


Recharge yourself in our peaceful service while your kids have fun playing in our Early Childhood center! Babysitting is available on-site as early as 9am for Torah study. Offered the 1st and 3rd Shabbat mornings of each month, September-June. In July and August, we have babysitting on the 1st Shabbat of the month only. Drop-off is in the Early Childhood center. 


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The Religious School provides JRC children with the building blocks they need to engage throughout their lives in Jewish exploration, community and activism.

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Our enriching and diverse preschool program is based on progressive Jewish values, is open to families of all religious backgrounds, and focuses on the importance of relationships between students, teachers, and families. 

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