Submitting an item for Tikkun Olam

While we produce and sponsor a large volume of Tikkun Olam programs and opportunities ourselves, JRC is not an island. If you're a JRC member and know of something in the larger community that you think would be of interest to the congregation, email us at [email protected] so we can help spread the word.


If you want the item to appear in this week's announcements, submit by Tuesday. This deadline allows adequate time for our Tikkun Olam VP to review and forward the information to JRC's communications team. The weekly announcements feature upcoming events in the next two weeks. 

Details to Submit 

  • Submit one or two short paragraphs with time, date, place and email addresses.

  • Provide a link to organization's website or Facebook page. 

  • Attach an image (jpeg or png files are best)

Submission Guidelines

  • Non-JRC sponsored activities should have a JRC member involved or are sponsored by Jewish Federation of Chicago agencies or JCUA.
  • The major focus will be on JRC events and JRC sponsored events in the community.

  • We will not publicize non-JRC sponsored events held on Shabbat, major holidays or if they conflict with a major JRC program.
  • Non-JRC sponsored fundraising events will not be publicized unless a JRC member or clergy are being honored.
  • JRC will not promote or oppose political candidates.
  • JRC's Tikkun Olam Council reserves the right to edit submissions for length and appropriate language.
  • A submission does not guarantee inclusion on JRC's website, in our emails, or other media.
  • Priority will be given to time sensitive submissions and the duration/frequency of a listed event will be at the discretion of the Tikkun Olam VP.
  • Organizations that are new to the listing will be vetted by the clergy and Tikkun Olam VP for appropriateness.

Plurality and Respect

In the range of Tikkun Olam activities offered, you will find many different kinds of postings that will include information about events that our members will personally endorse as well as others that members may oppose. While mentions of Tikkun Olam opportunities do not reflect official congregational endorsement, we hope it reflects the plurality of viewpoints in our congregation. 

As befits a congregation of diverse views and opinions, we seek to foster an environment at JRC where a multitude of thoughts can be honored and explored. We believe that the vitality of our congregation depends upon our trust in one another and our commitment to respecting the diversity of our views.

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