Purim 2017, JRC Style

We know what you're thinking: If only I had been warned in advance, I'd have gotten the heck out of Shushan!

At JRC, we're hardcore when it comes to Purim! Over 90 JRC members volunteer their time and creative skills to produce fun activities for kids, for grown-ups, and for the perennially immature (you know who you are). We encourage you to come to all of our Purim programs, and will be completely heartbroken if you don't show up.

Check out the schedule to get a taste of how we do Purim! 

The Alte Rockers may not blow your mind, but they'll definitely blow an ampSaturday, March 11, 2017 (Erev Purim)
5:30 pm–Megillah Happy Hour
Enjoy a grownup drink for a grownup story (although everyone is absolutely welcome). If you'd like to read (in Hebrew or English—your choice), please contact Cantor Friedland at cantor@jrc-evanston.org. You can even show up and volunteer on the spot.

7 pm–Oy Vey Café
Hey... don't leave so fast—where do you have to be anyway, Mr./Ms. Bigshot? It would be a shonde to miss the annual merriment of our very own parody song-lovin' Alte Rockers and way too many hamentaschen!

Sunday, March 12, 2017
10 am–Family Megillah Reading

Get ready to make some noise with JRC's very own Klezmer house band, Heavy Shtetl! The Family Megillah Reading is one wild hour of shouting, stomping, grogger-ing, and multigenerational mayhem.

11 am–The New, Old-Fashioned, Home-Made JRC Purim Carnival & Family Funhouse
If you survive the Family Megillah Reading, you may as well stick around for some heavy-duty silliness! We're gonna have it all! Games! Laughter! Food! Cake Walk!

Be a part of the team that makes Purim great at JRC! Contact Robyn Hurtig at carnival@jrc-evanston.org to pitch in, or simply sign up for a shift or three:

  • Ticket sellers and greeters—be the gatekeeper to all the excitement
  • Cakewalk folks—donate a cake or cupcakes, and/or help with the fun (willpower not required)
  • Purim cafe helpers—help out with our food concession (you may even get to run the cotton candy machine!)




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