Worship Services

Join us for a worship service - there’s something for everybody.

Fridays Nights (Erev Shabbat)
Check our calendar for a schedule of Friday night services. At least once a month we have a family-friendly service. We ofen have special programs featuring guest speakers, our published authors' service honoring JRC's writers, and other wonderful services. During the summer, our Erev Shabbat Beach services are possibly the nicest way to spend a Friday night in Evanston!

Saturday Mornings (Shabbat)

  • Celebrate with our B'nei Mitzvah in our light-filled sanctuary
  • Take part in a congregant-led Shabbat Minyan service
  • Study Torah with Rabbi Rachel Weiss
  • Enjoy our monthly, family-friendly Shabbat morning services

Tuesday Evening Ma'ariv Service
Join Cantor Friedland for a weekly ma'ariv (evening) minyan using our Shiva service book. This service is ideal for members who would like to learn the Shiva service, need to say Kaddish for a loved one, or would just enjoy a brief (20 minute) worship service.

High Holidays
The High Holidays bring many of us together as a larger community. In order to accommodate the increased service attendance for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we congregate in one of Evanston's historic churches, recreating it for that brief time as our own space.

Other Holidays
We pray arm-in-arm in our outdoor sukkah, and on Simchat Torah we dance with the Torah and encircle our children within the scroll. For Hanukkah we recite the traditional blessings and rock out with our klezmer house band, Heavy Shtetl. On Purim we indulge our mischievous spirits with irreverant comedy, music from the Alte Rockers and a children's carnival like no other.

Celebrate and worship with us on Friday nights, Shabbat morning, holidays and simchas and enrich your spiritual life! Please check our calendar for details.

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